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Are you a saver? If you are, I know you're proud of it. I'm sure you know the best ways to save money. If you do, here's your opportunity to give and receive.

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Creative Ways to Save Money

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Now, we are in search of creative ways to save. I'm sure we are all aware of the conventional ways such as cutting back on going to the movies, using less water and gas, shopping at the dollar store, clipping coupons, bringing your lunch to work, etc. Those are easy...and not really fun.

We're looking for creative ways to save money. Let me give you a couple of examples:

  • Category: Car Insurance

    Strategy: Call your car insurance broker once a year.

    Savings: Ask them if they can find cheaper rates. Rates fluctuate all the time. So, it is in your best interest to take advantage of cheaper rates.

    When I called my broker last year, I ended up saving 10% from the previous year.

  • Category: Food and Entertainment

    Strategy: Soft drink substitution with kids.

    Savings: My kids are at the age where they like to drink soft drinks. As you know, drinking a lot of soft drinks is unhealthy and can put a dent into your grocery and dinner bills. So, whenever I go out to eat with my kids, I give them an option: get a soft drink or $1.

    My kids take the $1 and order water instead. Not only are they drinking healthier drinks, they're learning how to save and prioritize what they want. The big bonus for me is that most places charge more than $1 for a soft drink. So this is saving me money too!

These are the kind of strategies for which we are searching. I know there are some great tips on saving money out there and we want to share them with the rest of our readers.

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Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Creative.

    As mentioned above, I think everyone is aware of typical frugal ways to save money. So, let's aim for strategies that people may have never that make our money more efficient.

  • Not too time intensive. (Should actually be time saving.)

    Traveling all over town for the best deal on gas isn't practical...neither is spending all Sunday cutting coupons.

  • Should not be time sensitive.

    "You can save 20% on all purchases for the next two weeks on" probably won't make it. However, "Look at purchasing a car at the end of the month and/or calendar year" probably will.

Unsure? Submit it anyway. You can still get a FREE copy of the e-book.

Remember to tell us of your savings. More importantly, tell us your experience with this strategy.

What did you do?
Did you use a script?
Where did you go?
How much did you save?

We love stories.


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How great will it feel that you are helping others with ways to save money in a creative manner and get other great ideas at the same time?

With that said, please give us your best ideas and receive in return!

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Your Creative Ways to Save Money

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