10 Simple Ways to Make Quick Money

ways to make quick money

If you need ways to make quick money, you are not alone. Nowadays, you can't depend on the government or your employer's 401k retirement plan to guarantee you financial security.

I hope we can help you expand your options...especially if time isn't on your side.

So whether you're in a bind, tired of living paycheck to paycheck, or desire to manifest money and achieve financial freedom, here are some ways to make quick money.

Your Opportunities

So if you're willing to give someone else your money for their products or services, what value can you provide that others will pay you for it?

  • Write. You could create an e-book about your passion and sell it on amazon.com. Write one page everyday for one month, and you have a 30 page e-book.

    The great thing about e-books versus physical books is that you can get most, if not all, of the profits. If you consider physical books, you have to pay the publisher, distribution, editors, etc. With e-books, you can share your passion and keep the profits.

  • Turn a passion into a business. You could build a website or blog centered around something you love to do. The Internet has leveled the playing field between huge companies and individuals.

    We created this website because we love sharing our experiences and insights concerning personal development and personal finance. But there are literally millions of sites on the Internet centered around hobbies and passions, and they make a good profit.

    I've done research and have seen people make profits off of sites centered around juggling. Now, I'm not a juggling enthusiast, but if that person can profit from that narrow of a niche, couldn't you?

  • Freelance. You could go to elance.com and see what services you could provide that people are needing. There are jobs like writing, editing, graphic design, etc.

    Perform a search in their system to see if you can fulfill the needs of a particular job. You'd be surprised to see how easy it can be to get a job. These people will pay good money since they don't have to keep someone of your expertise on staff.

  • Recycle. You could recycle your trash for cash. Imagine helping the environment and getting paid for it.

  • Craigslist.com. Bob Proctor taught us that if you want something you have to make space for it. But, that doesn't mean you have to trash your stuff. Craigslist.com is a great solution when you find someone that will buy your junk.

    Trading Up with Craigslist.com

    I wanted some Powerblocks, the world's best dumbbell. I told myself that I was going to get them. Yet, I didn't know how.

    I then noticed my electric guitar that I haven't used in years. So, I decided to sell mine for an easy $400, and now a young kid has the opportunity to learn how to play.

    It was a Win Win scenario and best of all: Craigslist.com is free (if you are just wanting to sell your stuff).

  • Pick up extra work. You could babysit, mow lawns, or do housecleaning.

    Better yet, if you have a child interested in ways to make quick money, teach them how to run their own little business and manifest money themselves.

    You end up saving your cash, building a child savings account, and teaching your child how to be an entrepreneur at a young age.

  • Uncle Sam can wait. Change your tax deductions, so that you can take home more money each month, rather than getting an income tax refund in April. (Learn more tax saving tips here.)

    When my wife quit to stay home after having our first son, I changed my W-4 to maximize my deductions. That means more money in my pocket every month. You can get with your accountant to ensure that you aren't paying too much to Uncle Sam.

    If you ask me, Uncle Sam can wait.

  • Be patient. Participate in a clinical research study at your local university hospital.

    My wife was a research nurse. Basically, her department paid patients cash to be in their studies, revealing on of the best ways to make quick money. Her studies would pay the participants between $250-$500. For that kind of money, the fear of needles may cease to exist.

  • Personality pays. You could get a part-time job as bartender or a waiter. The possibility to earn tips based on performance can be a sweet reward.

    If your personable and energetic, you may be able to turn those characteristics into cash in the service industry. If you are single, this may be a good opportunity since typically the busiest times can be at night and on the weekends.

    The downside is that you may be the only one that's not drinking.

  • Plasma sale. I'm not talking about TVs. You could donate plasma for cash.

    Again, you have to opportunity here to help another and get paid to do so.

Beyond Barriers

If you want ways to make quick money, think of ways of providing your service or product that helps a lot more people. The more people you help, the more money you make.

Think of how Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Colonel Sanders made their millions despite barriers. Bill Gates was a college drop out that created Microsoft. Donald Trump was broker than a bum and made millions in real estate. Colonel Sanders was in retirement and failed to sell his Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise 1009 times before striking it rich.

You can be like them. Just set a goal, and see how much you can achieve. The successful people didn't get to where they are by sitting on their bum complaining about how bad the economy is. They paid the price to achieve the monetary goals they set, especially by having a millionaire mindset.


Once you start earning extra money, you can learn to invest money. This allows you more freedom by having your dollars work for you, rather than working hard for your money.

While most will spend their quick earned money on doodads, you can be different. You can have those dollars work for you instead.

So don't fret, there are many ways to make quick money. You can easily break it down. Write down a list of your talents and passions. Search on the Internet and see what value you can provide.

Whether it be blogging, Craigslist.com, or maximizing your deductions, put your brain to work and take advantage of the resources available to you.

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