Various Money Saving Strategies

by Aren
(Bowling Green, KY)

1. Pay life insurance, car insurance, satellite/cable bill annually to save $$. Shop your phone bills, insurance, etc. There are many providers and the value leaders change. Many forget about this.

2. Negotiate with your satellite provider if you have one. They will give out discounts if they believe you will leave them. Do your homework and know the facts.

3. Spend to save. I am surprise how many people buy inferior products just to save a small amount of money. It really pays off to buy quality if it will last longer, be more efficient or do a better job.

4. Be careful about renting or leasing unless it is a special circumstance. It is often a waste of your money.

5. Don't get bored. People often spend money because they are bored. Make a list of things you or your family like to do that doesn't cost a lot of money. Picnics, going to the park, walking, riding your bikes, playing with your pets, and playing cards/games are great choices.

6. I don't spend my change. All my change goes into a jar that I wrap each month and put into my savings account. I have actually had people give me their change because they did not want to wrap them. I love what feels like extra money each month.

7. Budgets are great! It is all about attitude. To me a budget is telling my money how I want to spend you. I review it often and tweak it every now and then. It does mean saying "no" to some things but "yes" to the most important things that you want or need.

8. Recycle. Be careful what you think is trash. I was remodeling my kitchen and was about to discard my old cabinets which I thought were worthless. As I was getting ready to haul them off, somebody came along and asked if I would sell them so they could put in their shop.

Fix items and repair things you don't want. Then sell them. Add value to items and find a buyer.

9. I found out my car insurance would go down $30 a month if I improved my credit score just a little bit more.

I always paid my credit cards off each month to get my fico score as high as it possibly could be but I found out their are many other ways of improving my score.

My car insurance went down.

10. Find ways to make more money. I enjoy sports so I started officiating at the local park. I sell sports DVDs, and I string tennis rackets, etc. and I make an extra $200 per month.

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