Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, is a must read for millionaires in the making. This book provides the secret to achieving endless possibilities your mind can only imagine. Why is it that only a small percentage of people are wealthy, while the rest struggle?

Key Concept: Thoughts are things.

It all begins with a state of mind. Napoleon Hill teaches us that "whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." This includes the one's thinking AND doing what it takes to be rich. On the other hand, those that have a poverty state of mind have a life that is reflective of those thoughts.

Do you have a dream? What do you dream about? It's sad, but some people do not even imagine the wonderful possibilities Life has to offer.

Imagine for a minute your greatest dreams manifesting into reality.

  • Is it owning your own business, working your passion?
  • What about living in your dream home in the best neighborhood in town?
  • How about taking an exotic vacation every 3 months to Costa Rica or the Virgin Islands?

Napoleon Hill has "6 Steps to turn desires into Gold." It's not enough to tell yourself you want to be rich. The mind does not discern the amount of "rich."

  • The first step is to decide the exact amount of money you want. The subconscious mind understands one million dollars.
  • What is your time frame? When do you want to achieve this one million dollars? "I desire to have 1 million dollars in the next 2 years." Be specific.
  • What do you plan on giving in return? Remember, we reap what we sow. If it is money you desire, give money to a worthy cause. In giving, we receive as well. You want to attract to yourself the resources that will aid you in your quest for financial freedom.
  • Create your plan to achieve your financial dreams. Use the approach of ready, fire, aim. Begin your plan at once! Sometimes people get stuck in the getting ready part, and keep getting ready not realizing any results.
  • Write out your statement including the amount of money you desire, the time frame, what you will give, and your concise plan.
  • Repeat this statement twice daily and visualize yourself already in possession of the money you are wanting to materialize in your life. See it. Feel it. And, you will soon live it.

Everything in life is created twice, first in your mind, then in reality. Start with your most powerful instrument, your mind. Illicit positive emotions to match your desires. Feel your dreams coming true. Choose thoughts that align with your dream.

Do not pay attention to thoughts or people that are not in alignment with your vision. Connect with people who believe in you. Fill your mind with resources that will help you reach your goals. Take action in the direction of your aspirations.

"Riches begin with a state of mind," according to Napoleon Hill. Are you ready to begin your journey towards financial freedom? Your thoughts are on the starting line.

It's time to think and grow rich.

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