Rich Dad Poor Dad
by Robert Kiyosaki

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I can honestly say that reading the Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki single-handedly rocked our financial world. It's the book that started us on the journey to achieve financial freedom and prosperity.

However, not all feel the same way we do about the book. I've actually found that people are typically on polar opposites after reading it: they either love it or hate it.

I believe some hate it because some of Kiyosaki's teachings are unconventional and somewhat controversial.

Unconventional and Controversial

Imagine this:

  • What if your house was not an asset and it was actually making someone else money?
  • What if going to school and getting a safe and secure job with benefits was the wrong way to become rich?
  • What if everything you were taught about money from your parents, school, and society were completely false?

What if all this was preventing you from being wealthy? When would you want to know?

When I read this book...

When I read this book, I had no idea that what I was doing financially was questionable. I was brought up with the old idea that if I worked for my company for 30 years, then I would be safe and secure.

At the time, I had put zero effort in increasing my financial literacy. I thought that letting my money sit in my company's 401k retirement plan was investing. I learned it wasn't. While learning to invest money, I realized that the 401k has limitations.

The book radically changed my views on money. I had no idea that my early upbringing was actually preventing me from realizing prosperity. Fortunately, I was able to break out of that mold.

Become Rich

One thing that the book instilled in me is the fact that I can be rich. I never thought it was possible. I actually thought it was somewhat immoral.

I learned that being rich is a choice as well as being poor.

Robert Kiyosaki's message is simple:

The rich don't do things slightly different from the poor and middle class, they do the complete opposite.

To become rich, develop the proper mindset and do what the rich do.

Do I recommend this the Rich Dad Poor Dad book? Yes. I'm on the end that loves this book. Read it with an open mind in order to understand the principles he teaches you.

Soon, you'll realize that the poor and middle class work to play it safe. The rich play it smart.

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