Reducing Credit Debt

by Ryan S.

From "Debt Cures" by Kevin Trudeau,
1. When you have credit debt that's several years old that you hadn't been able to pay back before and some collection agency starts calling you about it years later, you can determine the 'Statute of Limitations' and if your debt is considered 'expired,' you can tell the agency that you are no longer legally obligated to pay back that debt.
2. You can also attempt to call your credit company and negotiate the interest charge for your credit card to possibly get it lowered. They're more likely lower it if it means keeping you from moving your balance to another credit provider with a better interest rate than theirs.
3. In case you're knee deep in debt, also try showing them your personal financial statements (income statement and balance sheet). They may come to the conclusion that you really don't have the means to fully pay back the amount owed to them and may be willing to negotiate with you.
4. Continuously monitor your credit score and credit history to check for errors as to avoid being pegged with higher interest rates that you don't deserve.

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