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Peggy McColl is a New York Times Best-Selling author. She's a leading expert in goal achievement and has helped people and organizations reach their goals for over 25 years.


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Peggy McColl is a mentor of mine and I was very honored she accepted my invitation for an interview. She provides wisdom, experience, and the right attitude to achieve any goal. Enjoy the FREE audio of the interview as well as a FREE transcript of the conversation.

Below are are some highlights from our interview with Peggy McColl. And I apologize for my muffled speech, I was sick that morning!

  • In your book 21 Distinctions of Wealth, you reference a golden Buddha as value hidden beneath the surface. What was the last golden Buddha you uncovered within yourself, another person, or a situation?

    ...I believe that the seeing and experiencing of realizing that there's greatness in everyone, in ourselves, and in others...and seeds of greatness and opportunities…and in adversity. If we can develop that habit, we can significantly change our lives.

    It's not just about reading something here and nodding your head in agreement, "Oh yes that makes sense to me." What really needs to be done is that we've got to engage in a lifestyle where we are doing habitual things that are positive, so that we are connecting to the Law of Attraction which is ever present. It is omnipresent. It's always there. It's always on.

    There's an unlimited abundance in the Universe that we are all connected to as described in the 21 Distinctions of Wealth. We're all connected to it. Part of our responsibility is to ask for that which we desire...

  • Your affirmations depict very vivid scenery for your readers. (i.e. "a rainbow of abundance is is the rushing stream of water...") Can you elaborate on the significance of imagery when visualizing your dreams?

    ...At the end of the day, all we are striving for is to feel good. It is on the positive end of the scale, which I wrote in my book Your Destiny Switch. When we're feeling on the positive end of any emotional scale, we're attracting more positive into our life. It's as simple as that.

    If we're feeling not so good, we're feeling bad, we're feeling negative, we're going to attract more of that into our life, which compounds the emotions, etc.

    I like to use guided imagery. I have a number type meditations programs. I have Relax Your Way to Wealth, which guides people through a visualization experience, where they connect to the emotion of relaxing. Same thing in Turn Fear into Faith, it's a 2 CD program, where the second CD helps move people up the scale from fear to faith...

    CLICK HERE for the FREE, full transcript of our entire interview with Peggy McColl.

  • A lot of people are finding themselves unemployed, financially strapped, and in a state of uncertainty. Pulling from your own experiences, what do you suggest these people do to improve their lives?

    ...There are a lot of things people can do. I talk about that in my Magnet for Money program’s debt elimination plan.

    Call up creditors if you owe money. Tell them, "Look, this is my situation, and let's work something out." In the meantime, you get things turned around. It's always people behind any corporation, even if it is a credit card company or a bank. It's still people there. You can call them and contact them.

    People know it's tough times. But it's also, like now, the way things are in the economy, it's also the time where a lot of entrepreneurs spring up. It's a time when more businesses start than in any other time in history. It's when we are going through challenging financial times. So it's a huge opportunity...

  • Growing up in my house, the pursuit of great wealth was seen as negative and almost immoral. (I am glad to say that our mindset is now open to abundance and prosperity.) What suggestions do you have for people if this was their upbringing?

    ...That was sort of the belief my parents had. As a child, if one person has it, then somebody else is doing without. That's not necessarily the case. Look at Bill and Linda Gates and all of the money they have donated, and all the good they have brought into the world. And Oprah Winfrey as well and all she's done. These people have used their wealth in a very beneficial way.

    Now, not everybody is like that. But, if you just start to notice you are harboring emotions that are things such as anger or resentment or something that is related to that, and they don't make you feel good, that's a block. That's keeping you from it.

    So, anytime you are feeling on the low level of emotions like fear, guilt, insecurity, unworthiness, or you think that you don't deserve, or anger or frustration, then you are blocking abundance from coming into your life...

  • My wife and I just had our first child and can't wait to pass on the principles we have learned throughout our growth process. How do you pass on the principles to your son that may be contrary to popular social conditioning?

    ...Some parents say, do what I say, not what I do. The biggest lesson is what we're doing. My son sees his dad and mom who are very responsible, who are very honest, who have great work ethics, who focus on bringing value to others, and who realize that in business relationships are really key.

    Also, you've got to be responsible financially. I know Michelle has learned a lot of very valuable lessons from just observing his mother and his father. So that's the first thing we can do is be great examples and role models that your child can observe. They are going to seeing and taking in everything that we are doing...

Remember, these are only highlights. Listen to the entire interview with here!

We want to thank Peggy McColl for taking the time out of her busy schedule to provide value to you, our readers. Peggy McColl is the New York Times Best-Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch: master Your Key Emotions, and Attract the Life of your Dreams!; On Being...The Creator of Your Destiny; The 8 Proven Secretes to SMART Success; and On Being a Dog with a Bone.

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