Develop Your Millionaire Mindset

millionaire mindset

Your Millionaire Mindset is the most important piece in building your wealth to achieve financial freedom. Why? Because your mind can either help or hinder you during your journey.

In his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker lays out the Process of Manifestation:

T - F - A - R

Thoughts lead to Feelings. Feelings lead to Actions. And Actions lead to Results.

When we aren't satisfied with our results, we tend to change our actions first. Yet, over time the results don't usually change because we end up falling into the same actions.

Have you experienced this?

If financial freedom and abundant wealth have been your goals but you aren't experiencing them, then the wrong thing to do is to focus on your actions.

You must focus on the thoughts and learn to set smart goals. A goal setting worksheet can help you get what you want. In the end, what you focus on determines your actions.

So, what generates your thoughts?

Your mind!

To experience true wealth, your mind must be programmed for prosperity and abundance. Negative thinking will lead you straight to negative outcomes. Positive thinking will create positive results. It will steer you towards wealth.

The Keys

keys to success Photo courtesy of ul Marga

Here are some key steps to cultivating your mindset:

  • Determine why you want financial freedom and wealth.
  • Evaluate your ideas on money.
  • Think like the rich and wealthy.

This wealth mindset doesn't develop overnight. Although it's the cheapest thing to do financially, it is usually the most difficult to accomplish.

This process is the BE part of BE-DO-HAVE. It's not DO-HAVE-BE. So, it is the first step towards achieving financial freedom.

With your millionaire mindset, the universe will assist you in fulfilling your dreams.

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