How to be Happy in Today's World

how to be happy

How to be happy is really a choice. We can choose to be happy in any situation, regardless of any circumstance, success, or failure. When we realize this, we gain control. But easier said than done right?

When growing up, I used to think things would make me happy: a big LEGO set, a new pair of basketball shoes, a faster car. These ideas often carry into adulthood. But when you focus on things making you happy, something interesting happens.

You lose the sense of what happiness really is.

Happiness isn't external, it's internal. If it were external, then people who had all the "crap" would be happy. I know a lot of people who have a lot of crap, opportunities, and blessings, but they still find a way to be "unhappy".

They choose to be unhappy.

It's as if they work hard to frown. The truth is, they put energy towards the things that make them unhappy, which in turn completely overshadows what could make them smile.

On the other hand, I know some people that have little material things but are as happy as can be. I find these people extraordinary because if you spend enough time with them, you'd think they have everything.

So what's the secret?

I think I can boil it down to one word.


I believe being thankful is the secret to finding happiness. Sounds simple right? But learning how to be happy when the shit hits the fan takes practice.

Let's say you get rear ended and your car's bumper is damaged. It's pretty difficult to be happy in that situation. But I think being grateful can get you closer to your happy zone.

Thank God I'm not hurt.
I'm glad he hit me and I not him.
Awesome, it's only a fender bender and it's not totaled.

Being grateful helps you to release pain, fear, sorrow...and opens you up to the opportunity for growth...and the pursuit of happiness.

This is so funny but speaks the truth about being happy...

Happiness Suckers

I learned how to be happy by staying away from the Debbie Downers too. If you've seen SNL, Debbie Downer is the life sucking friend that brings everyone in the room down. Stay away from these people or really limit your time with them.

That's why I don't watch the news. Jack Canfield says that CNN stands for Constant Negative News. My parents and in-laws always watch the news. It's no wonder why they're always paranoid and think the world is a bad place.

"You are the Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With" ~ Jim Rohn

If you surround yourself with Debbie Downers, guess what, you will become one. Stick with the happy people and hopefully they'll rub off on you.

What makes you happy?

Sometimes I sit in my chair and think about things that make me happy...people, technology, opportunities, goals...

I'm so happy that I can wear flip flops and a t-shirt to work.
I'm so happy that they make ketchup bottles that squeeze out ketchup rather than accumulating that gunky mess at the top.
I'm so happy that I use I can find products, reviews, and buy online without having to leave the house.
I'm so happy that I have caller ID because sometimes I don't want to talk to a telemarketer.
I'm so happy that I have credit cards because I absolutely hate paying with cash.
I'm so happy that I have high-speed Internet.
I'm so happy that I make the time to exercise daily.
I'm so happy that I can cut my own hair. I have to fix it anyway whenever I come home from the barber.
I'm so happy that I have a Magic Bullet.
I'm so happy that I can make my dog piss and poop on command.
I'm so happy that I can spend time with my wife and son.

Man that felt good. I know some of it is funny, but it's true. That's how to be happy, be grateful.

What are you thankful for? Let us might just make you happy.

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