Debt to Income Ratio Calculator

Our debt to income ratio calculator will help you quickly assess your situation: attractive to lenders...or a loan repellent.

Simply enter numeric values in the input fields to the right of the descriptions. Click Calculate to see your debt to income ratio (DIR). Click on the Reset button to clear all the fields. Enjoy this free tool!

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DIR Calculator
Monthly gross income (your take home pay)
Spouse's monthly gross income
Other monthly income
Mortgage #1
Mortgage #2
Housing Costs (private mortgage insurance, homeowner’s insurance and property taxes)
Total monthly car payments
Total minimum credit card payments (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Sears, Sam's, other department cards, etc.)
Monthly child support
Student loans
All other monthly consumer loan payments
Total Income
Total Payments
Debt to Income Ratio

(You can print out your results from your browser window too!)

Remember, shoot for a ratio of 36% or below when shopping for a mortgage. In general, a 40% DIR is pretty good. Take steps to lower it as needed.

With the way the housing market has been, there's no telling if lenders are looking for even lower ratios.

Keep in mind that there are two strategies to lower this figure: decrease the payments or increase your income. It doesn't hurt to do both!

Thanks for using our FREE calculator.

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