Credit Card Debt Solutions:
Where Understanding Meets Help

Credit card debt solutions are very important. But, what's more important is getting educated on the advantages of credit cards. It's too bad that school doesn't teach you how to use one. If they did, credit card debt solutions would not be such a hot topic.

So, to get the credit card debt relief that you are looking for, do these three things.


Evaluate where you are today with your credit card debt and how you got there. Has your credit card spending gone out of control due to

  • Divorce
  • Emotional spending
  • Lack of credit card education

Whatever the case, it's important to establish a starting point. This will help you dictate in the future if you have made progress.

It's also beneficial for you to question what you have been taught thus far about credit cards. How have your parents used them? How have the financial experts influenced you?

What's essential here is that you establish accountability. You are responsible for what has happened. On a positive note, you are also responsible for turning it around.


Set a SMART goal. Where do you want to be with your credit card debt in six months, 1 year, 5 years?

Make the determination that you will get out of credit card debt if you so choose.


If you want help with credit card debt, get it. There are ways of negotiating credit card debt that you may be able to use to your advantage. Help is not far.

Getting budget help can assist you in determining where you can make the adjustments to pay down credit card debt. There are free budgeting tools available like our own Personal Budget Tracker..

Learn how to pay off credit cards. These credit card debt solutions are strategies of which many people are unaware. Thus, they never get taught.

Do you want to learn how to efficiently pay off credit card debt? Use our credit card debt calculator to help you learn the best way.

Do you want to eliminate credit card debt? Learn how to do it legally. Start the process and let it continue on it's own.

Is the debt too much? Negotiating credit card debt may be in your best interest. Learn the steps to negotiating your balances with the financial institution to finally get credit card debt relief.

Are you able to use other credit cards to move the balances? Credit card balance transfers can hurt your fico score. Is there another way to buy you time? How about a credit card cash advance?

Different cards? What's the difference between store credit cards, pre paid credit cards, secured credit cards, and traditional credit cards? Can they help me or hold me back?

Love the plastic.

Free Online Credit Card Debt Calculator

We have created a free online credit card debt calculator for our readers. Gather your debts, enter them in, and the DOLP™ number will automatically be generated. Our calculator will automatically sort your debts in pay off order.

If you aren't looking for credit card debt relief and are on the fence on whether or not to use credit cards, then I hope you will realize that this small item can be a productive tool. Remember, the rich love their credit cards. Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey hate them.

But if we want to be different, let's learn how to properly use them to our advantage.

Credit card debt solutions are everywhere. What's more scarce is the proper education on how to utilize this plastic money.

Learn how to use a credit card and soon you may be charging everything you can.

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