College Student Helps Me Save On Food

by Susan
(Poulsbo, WA)

When my son graduated from high school a year earlier than expected he wasn't ready to go off to college. He agreed to work for me (a VERY busy physician) instead of getting a regular job (jobs being rare, boring and poorly compensated in this economy for someone with his level of education).

I got him a cookbook and put him in charge of managing the household food budget, cooking and shopping. He was allowed to use savings from the budget (which was set at 30-50% less than I had previously required) for entertainment or to buy things he needed for college. I just made sure the kitchen was clean before leaving for work.

He now has everything he needs for school, including a very dashing wardrobe, he's learned to save and buy with confidence and he's an excellent cook. The only downside is that I'm now so spoiled I'll have even more reason to miss him when he goes off to school in a few weeks. I have all his recipes, though, so I should recover.

I also have the comfort of knowing he's far better prepared to leave home than I was when I graduated from college, and I SAVED MONEY, TOO.

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