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The Cashflow 101 game was designed by Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki. It's one of the few times I have ever seen financial education taught in a fun, inviting, and entertaining manner.

This cashflow game separates the individuals who want to chase security and the ones who want to attain freedom.

If you like the game of Monopoly, keep reading.

Starting Off

The objective of the game is simple: achieve financial freedom. Before everyone starts, everyone is handed out an occupation (i.e. teacher, mechanic, airline pilot, doctor, etc.)

Don't get too excited if you pick up a doctor occupation card. With a higher salary, you get higher expenses.

Next, you choose your Dream by placing your cheese on it on the Fast Track. You win when you are able to acquire your dream.

Rat Race and the Fast Track

There are two tracks in this game, the Rat Race and the Fast Track. Everyone starts out the same in the Rat Race. The Rat Race is the inner circle of the Cash Flow board game. It's where most of us are trapped day-in and day-out.

Your goal is to get out of the Rat Race and onto the Fast Track.

As in real life, to get out of the Rat Race, you must buy investments which give you cash flow (or passive income) so that your Passive Income is greater than your Total Expenses.

The Fast Track is the outer track of the Cashflow 101 game board. The Fast Track is where the Rich play the game of money.

Once you leave the Rat Race and enter the Fast Track, your goals are to either buy your Dream (and win the game) or increase your monthly cash flow (this is truly where the game gets fun).

Financial Education

But not all of it is fun and games. There is an education component to it that mimics reality. Everyone gets an Income Statement and Balance Sheet that they must maintain.

If you don't know how to use them, or what the hell they are, you're in luck because this game will teach you how...and why they are important to your financial intelligence.

Throughout the cashflow game, you'll be writing down numbers, running calculations, making tough financial decisions....all in order to win the game and learn.

Just like Monopoly, you'll be picking up opportunity cards and deciding whether or not you will invest in them. You'll quickly see who has a Poor Dad mindset and who has the millionaire mindset.

Just as in real life, you'll be buying doodads, people get downsized, markets will go up and down, you can get divorced, and maybe you'll be audited. Sometimes you'll have a baby (or 3) and will have to adjust your Income Statement. Babies are expensive!

It's very interesting to see who has fun, who gets stressed, and who gets outright pissed during this game.

Are you ready to play?

The Cashflow 101 game is definitely an education tool I recommend. But, it does require an investment. I think we bought the cash flow board game for $100.

Some may balk at that price...saying it's too expensive.

We see it as an investment in you. Either you pay for financial education, or pay the price in the real life game of money.

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