Buying a Car and the Infinite Banking System

by Joseph
(Richmond, VA)

When buying a car I go in with the price I am going to pay for the car. I research the vehicle I want and decide what I would want to pay (total) for the vehicle. The dealership works to get me to buy a payment, but I refuse and show them the total I want to pay (i.e. a $24,000 vehicle should only cost me $18,000). When they start laughing at me and tell me there is no way that would ever happen, I get up and start to leave. I never get to the door before they call me back and work out the details.

I have financed the car at a bank, but will now start using the Infinite Banking System. My last 3 vehicles were purchased this way and I have saved $18,000.

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by: salvia sheik

Bank is increasing the interest rate of the car loans. And I am now suffering the after effects. I can’t even pay the full interest rate every month and I am in a big loss now. Please help me by reducing the interest rates in the car loans.

by: sara

Thanks for the valuable information.

More Specifics Would Be Most Useful
by: R D

I really liked the information. I believe it would be most helpful to many people if a little more explanation could be given regarding some things. Like how to "value" the $ 24,000.00 car for $18,000.00? Further, when you say what you will spend for the car TOTAL, is that everything including or excluding TAX, TITLE and LICENSE?


Correct Thinking is Essential to Success
by: Mack Payne

This is great information.

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