Begin with the end in mind.

by Obed Aryee

In my high school education, I also saw the end in my mind that I was already in college. And truly it came through.

It is really true that success is the result of imagination. The image of your vision, when held with unwavering faith with sense of purpose, will grant you the right scientific method to attain it. That is what happened to me.

I pictured the end in my mind, and following the right method with diligence and perseverance catalyzed with faith, I attained it.

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Oct 29, 2015
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Sep 04, 2015
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by: Success Formula

I think, imagination is only the beginning. The success is a formula that requires a lot of ingredients. The basic ingredient is fate and hard work. Just rethink of your entire journey of how you reached your goal, and that is impossible if two of these ingredients is not available in this journey.

Oct 03, 2011
Well said
by: Anonymous

It is important to have a goal in mind or you will most likely wasting your time with your effort. It's all start with 1 step at the right direction.
Mark from

Sep 07, 2011
7 Habits Quote - I Like it!
by: Bern

Excellent quote Obed. That's one of my favorite quotes from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Sometimes when I get bogged down in the details, I sit back and ask, "Why am I doing this?" I immediately remind myself of the end...the goal.

It's a great tactic that can work for everyone.

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