Because I love life and want to do more

by Jacqueline Williams
(Shropshire UK)

I want financial free and my WHY is huge enough to generate the HOW.

In 2011 I repeated to myself "how can I make money while I am sleeping" for many weeks and the determination to change my life around I invented a product, something I have never done in my life. To cut a long story short I took the product from an idea to the market up the stairs on Dragons Den into the hands of Alan Titichmarsh and secured a one of large order of 20,000. Visit Baskit Geni I do make money while I'm sleeping but I am asking the question now, "How can I have finical freedom doing what I love" The door will open that I know.

Everything that is in my life I have willed into my life through manifestation. I found that out from an early age of 15yrs and willed a pony of my dreams into my life, what did I know at 15yrs about manifestation? "Nothing" I just put all my love energy and desire into my dreams to owning a 13.2hh dapple grey gelding that I had named Kelso. Against the odds of my mother reminded me we hardly had money for food and my father and her were working around the clock to provide for us never mind the thought, of feeding, shoeing, vet care, stable rent and finding the money to buy a pony.
My passion and love for my dream to become true and be like the rich kids and have my own pony became reality when my auntie and uncle sent one of their monthly letters (they were working in South Africa)we both shared the same passion ponies, I recall the moment my mother handed me the letter, I sat on the kitchen floor crying and crying with happiness and through my tears it read, we are returning to the UK next month, we have made good money in South Africa from good jobs and we want to share it with the family, but most of all buy Jackie her pony. (even now I cry when I think of that moment and I am 53yrs)

So when the WHY IS BIG ENOUGH YOUR HOW WILL HAPPEN. Don't give up the law of attraction is true and it does work. Your thoughts and feelings will open doors to things you may have thought impossible.
Everything is possible for there is a bigger power than you could ever know.

Thank you for reading this I hope it inspires you. The stories I have told are true, as God is my witness.


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