Be Do Have

The three steps of Be Do Have have a very special meaning. Individually, the words are quite simple. But together they form the formula for the enlightened millionaire.

However, the definition of each word is not what is important to these steps. It is the order. Follow the order, and you will realize the key to attaining great wealth.

The game of basketball was a big thing for me growing up. And as a kid, when it comes to basketball, it's all about the shoes. My friends and I believed that if we would have the Jordans on our feet, we would be able to do the things that he was able to do on the court. We would be the next Michael Jordan.

As funny as it sounds, this still happens today. Needless to say, the shoes didn't make us any better. Actually, it made us more broke at the time because we bought into that idea.

The Have-Do-Be way of living above doesn't work. The focus is on expecting the "things" (have) to change who you "are" (be).

In the realm of money, some individuals believe that the lack of money is the problem. But lack of money is never the problem. This is focusing on the Have. It's the relationship you have with it that is the issue. So if you have problems with how you view money, then your thoughts must change first.

Change is simple but may not be easy. You can see this in the book Who Moved my Cheese? by Spencer Johnson.

So what makes Be Do Have so important? Let's break it down...


Your enlightened millionaire transformation starts in the mind. Become rich by thinking like the rich. Your thoughts control your actions, which determine your results.

Just working hard isn't enough. If it was, then Napoleon Hill's book would have been titled Work Hard and Grow Rich rather than Think and Grow Rich. If you work hard to attain wealth but still have a mind planted in poverty, the odds will be against you. Your mind will take over because that is where all actions originate.

Think about it. Do you know anyone who is afraid of doing anything? They live constantly in fear. They tell you how things won't work instead of how things could work.

Do you know anyone that always anticipates the worst? It usually happens. They somehow invite the results they dread because that is where the energy goes.

Then there are the individuals where life is great. They get all the opportunities. They know how to be happy. It's because what you focus on internally expands to become your external results. You are a product of your thoughts.

Which person would you like to be?


When you internally transform into the the person you choose to be, your actions will align with your thoughts. The universe will begin to assist you in your purpose. But that is only if you take action. Bridge the gap between knowledge and your desired results by taking action. Otherwise, your potential isn't realized.

I have always found that the actions, the doing, gets easier to do if I truly believe in what I am doing. Otherwise, my mind and my actions will be at war. When they are in accord, the results come easier.

But doing doesn't only mean being able to take advantage of opportunities. It also means being able to take action when things don't go as planned.

We had a situation where a real estate investment was turned over to us and we had to act quickly. If we weren't prepared to do, then we would have lost time and money. The doing enabled us to use this situation as a learning experience.


Begin reaping what you sow. As you provide more value to the world, you will receive more value. Your results will be in direct relationship with the value you create. This is when you will realize your desired outcome.

At this point, your being and doing are in harmony. The having is your reward, but it comes last in Be-Do-Have.

Before, I thought that if I were to just buy the things and look the part, then I could become wealthy. I was focusing on the outside rather than the inside. But no matter what, my internal self would ultimately dictate my outcome.

Now, we know that the transformation starts from within. Be Do Have facilitates this process. Here's an aha moment:
Your inner world creates your outer world.

Key Points

  • The order of Be Do Have is most important.
  • What you receive will be in direct proportion to what you provide to the world.
  • Your inner world creates your outer world.

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