Bank on Yourself
by Pamela Yellen

bank on yourself

Bank on Yourself, by Pamela Yellen, answers the simple question: "Is there something better I can be doing with my money?"

In this economy today, many are experiencing the heartaches of losses in their qualified retirement plans. Retirees are fearful of not having enough in their golden years because of the market downturns.

But what if there was a way to:

Pamela Yellen answers these questions in Bank on Yourself. While there is a financial product that this strategy uses, it is the strategy that you must fully grasp. The strategy is always more important that the product.

What is it?

Bank on Yourself is a system that many individuals use to grow their savings at a guaranteed, exponential rate. Yes, there are guaranteed growth rates with this system. The only thing that a 401k retirement plan will guarantee is that it will be taxed.

Like Nelson Nash's Infinite Banking Concept that utilizes whole life insurance with a PUA rider, Pamela shows you how you can use your money today and still have money for retirement. It's a refreshing feeling knowing that you do not have to wait 30 years to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You can use this system to purchase your cars, dream vacations, and as an alternative to college loan debt. When you follow the process, you get back every penny that you pay towards these items, plus some.

Outperforms Conventional Investing

Pamela reveals how the system "beats the pants off" of the 401k investments, IRA, real estate and stock markets. The plan grows at a guaranteed rate. It is not subject to market fluctuations.

You never lose your principal OR your gains. What kind of an economy would we be in today if people had this reassurance? Unfortunately, many are seeing their investment portfolios vanish in front of their eyes.

One of our favorite aspects of this system is that you do not have to choose the right stocks and follow the market. You do not have to find the perfect piece of real estate. All it takes is an understanding of the process and how you can fully utilize and leverage it.

Your plan grows tax advantaged, which is always better than a tax deferred investment. You pay into the plan taxed money and only get taxed when your withdrawals exceed the basis (the money you put into the plan). However, there are strategies to get all the money with little or no tax implications. That means Uncle Sam cannot have your cake and eat it too.

A Growing Interest

I think there is a growing interest to find something better than conventional planning. The frequent up and downs of the markets are leaving people in a panic to find the perfect product, stock, real estate deal, etc. Instead of looking for a better product, could it be that the answer is to find a better strategy?

Sometimes the best way to get to your destination is not taking a different vehicle. Sometimes it takes a different path.

The Bank on Yourself method is one of the surest ways to pave your financial future and achieve financial freedom. Where else can you get a guaranteed yearly increase that grows exponentially?

Stop gambling your hard earned money, ignore 401k advice, and rest assured that your nest egg is growing everyday.

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