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Want to know more about us? First off, we are not:

  • Financial planners
  • CPAs
  • Lawyers
  • Insurance salespeople

In fact, our professions are no where near the financial services arena.

I am a software developer by trade and my wife Kris is a registered nurse. We began our financial and personal journey in 2004, the year we got married. We clearly stated our goal to achieve financial freedom.

In pursuit of creating our own financial blueprint, we became interested in learning about money, wealth, finances, and personal development. It began with one book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

We quickly realized a resounding truth:The rich don't do things slightly different from the poor and middle class, they do the complete opposite.

Soon after, we began learning unconventional strategies like how to use credit cards to our advantage, why paying off a mortgage is risky, and how to use life insurance policies as a bank.

Decision Time


Knowing these strategies weren't popular, although backed by sound principles, we had to make a decision: either keep barking up the same tree...or change. Change was in the cards.

Change meant:

  • Focusing on what we wanted rather than what we needed.
  • Learning what the rich do.
  • Taking a 401k withdrawal on my 401k plan and cashing out Kris' IRA plan.
  • Buying life insurance policies.
  • Aiming for cashflow rather than net worth.
  • And a lot more...

All the changes had to start from within our minds and how we think. We chose to adopt a millionaire mindset.

Of course, change may be simple but it is not always easy. People snicker at some of our strategies (Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey would). Some wince at our advice. Many wonder what we are thinking.

In addition, we have had our share of financial blunders like losing $30,000 on a hard money loan and fire selling real estate due to economic times.

But we consider these as "educational expenses". These experiences have brought about invaluable money and life lessons. Winning is not being afraid to lose. It's about taking the reins and embracing the results.

Mentors and Programs

Kris and I have been blessed to have been mentored by experts like Bob Proctor from The Secret, Bill Harris of Centerpointe, New York Times Best-Seller Peggy McColl, renowned financial expert R. Nelson Nash, and more.

We have enjoyed many programs like:

  • The Bob Proctor Coaching Program
  • The Financial Freedom FastTrack
  • The Financial Intelligence Experience
  • The Life Principles Integration Process


In 2008, we made another decision: Share what we have learned. Choose-financial-freedom.com was born. We want this website to act as an educational resource to you and to our future generations.

Choose-financial-freedom.com is the beginning of a legacy. And, it is an example of how you can earn or make online money.

We choose financial freedom. With financial freedom, comes more choices. Why not start the journey with us, by making the choice to become financially free.

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