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I want to achieve financial freedom to be free like floating in the air

And My reasons are: 1. time with family 2. travel to new places 3. devote time in spirituality

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Because I love life and want to do more

I want financial free and my WHY is huge enough to generate the HOW. In 2011 I repeated to myself how can I make money while I am sleeping for many weeks

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Reducing Credit Debt

From Debt Cures by Kevin Trudeau, 1. When you have credit debt that's several years old that you hadn't been able to pay back before and some collection

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Best Cash Back Credit Card - American Express Membership Rewards

The best cash back credit card is the American Express Membership Rewards Blue Card. It's our main household credit card.

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Auction $$ Flipping, Buy for Pennies and Sell for Dollars

Go to auctions and purchase items at discount rates sometimes as much as 98% savings. Take those purchases and sell them online for an amount to gain

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3 Money Saving Ideas for Big Spenders

3 money saving ideas that have helped me control my spending and super charge my saving.

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Money Saving Tip

Hi! I'm a Filipino and I'm advocating on saving money. This tip is from a blog that I read and had been practicing ever since. It is what he calls a Picky

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You quite never lose money in a methodical investment

You quite never lose money in a methodical investment, yet those who claim to have suffered losses are ones who impulsively exit an investment at a wrong

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What is cash flow? - Something you need to learn and how to get on the positive side.

Understand what is cash flow can determine your financial future. It doesn't matter how much you earn. What matters is how much you keep.

Continue reading "What is cash flow? - Something you need to learn and how to get on the positive side."

Virtual Letter to Steve Jobs - Thank You

Dear Steve,You don't know me and I don't know you...personally. However, I want to express my gratitude to you because you have made an impact on my life.

We are in an age where we have options, more options that we can even comprehend. And I know the "argument of options" that you are familiar with is: PC vs MAC.

I have both a PC and a MAC. But rather than tell you which I thought was better or worse, I'd like to zoom out and let you know how your innovation has impacted me.

I was never a runner. I only ran if I had to. If it were basketball, I could play for hours...but I hated running. I couldn't run for more than 5 minutes.

Earlier this year, my wife convinced me to run a marathon. It was a huge goal that I never thought I would ever accomplish, or even set.

The one thing that helped me train and ultimately finish, other than my shoes, was my iPod. It was the one thing I knew that could motivate me during my entire run.

Sometimes I would search for hours looking for music to run to. I would download audio courses to grow my mind. I would rip comedy routines and actually laugh aloud while running.

Bottom line is, you helped me finish my marathon. You helped me become a healthier person. You helped me become a better person.

You will be missed. On this day, I won't mourn your death, I'll celebrate your life.

Here's to you...and my run tomorrow morning.

Thanks Steve,


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